I only wish I’d been given this book when I was nine.
– Ira Glass, Host of PRI’s This American Life.

Packed with terrific pranks and stunts. The illustrations are hilarious.
– Will Shortz, The New York Times

I tried several of these stunts out on my patients. They didn’t laugh, but I sure did.
– Atul Gawande, MacArthur Fellow, surgeon, and New Yorker staff writer.

You never know when you might need to amuse your friends, distract an enemy, impress or gross out a loved one, or test your own credulity. For all of the above reasons, it seems reasonable to expect that Sam Bartlett’s collection will soon join the Gideon Bible in the top drawer of your favorite motel’s dresser.
– Jane Hamilton, Oprah’s Book Club author, A Map of the World and Disobedience.