51 Impossible Stunts Anyone Can Do


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STUNTOLOGY is the art of exploring the mysteries of the physical world by playing with everyday objects, and the mastery of pointless techniques to amuse yourself and amaze your friends.

A GOOD STUNT is something you can learn in ten seconds and then spend ten years perfecting — balancing a broom on the end of your finger, turning a pencil into rubber, whistling with an acorn cap, catching pennies off your elbow. The simplest things found around us are the tools: cups, paper, forks, coat hangers, balloons, toothpicks.

STUNTOLOGY PROGRAMS are engaging and participatory for all ages. A departure from the predictable, a STUNTOLOGY show re-routes how you see the world and eliminates the idea of “having nothing to do.”

Sam is talented, full of verve, and respectful of the intelligence of his audience. He supports creative thinking by suggesting that children and adults make their own fun, and experiment with the scientific process. He encourages you to try new things, risk failure, then practice long enough to get better and figure things out.”
Pat Acevedo,Madison County Public Library – Berea, KY

After so many passive magic-show-type programs where we are amazed at the tricks that are done, it was refreshing to have the kids realize that most of these are things they can do themselves.  Also, it was wonderful how Sam involved so many children in both the demonstration and the execution of the stunts.”
Kathy DeWeese, Sonoma County Library – Santa Rosa, CA  

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